Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't call her an infidel

No, she ain't no cheat,
Don't call her an infidel,
For love is not planned.

All she ever wanted was warmth,
That smile on your face when you greeted her,
How she would've forgotten all the stress,
By just a few comforting words.

She ain't no infidel,
All she wanted was love.
So who do you blame this time?
Her insincerity or your negligence?

Don't call her an infidel,
Because you had what she wanted,
A few ounces of love,
A box full of warmth.

Where is she meant to go now?
Left with no option but take salvage in silhouettes,
So when you see her lips curling on someone else's thoughts.
Don't call her an infidel.


  1. Nice Poetry, sorry i'm no that good in juggling words.........!
    but as its portraying the depressing side of relation i hope its not truly yours......!

    Stay Happy :)