Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can a journalist make a good wife?

Hello everyone,

I was doing the dishes when this thought occurred to my mind that if a journalist can make a good wife or not. Lol. This might sound funny to you, but let me break it down to make it more comprehensible. Sir Humair always tells us that a journalist should keep the element of doubt present and never to take things on face value. Try to find the intricate meanings and try to read between the lines. Have a cynical approach towards life. These are probably the traits most hated by men.

As a journalist, I have also started to read between the lines and have a doubtful view to just about anything. If this continues to be the same, I am sure to get my husband irritated by my habit because men are so not pleased by all such characteristics.

There are a few very basic situations in which a journalist wife can doubt her husband. For example, the husband tells his wife that he'll be home late tonight and she should not wait for him at the dinner table. The journalist wife will try to gather her facts first. She'd try to ask the husband about the nature of work, the time he'd stay in the office. Then the wife would call in the office and confirm about his husband, by only taking his name and not disclosing her identity.

When he'd get back home, she'll go in the parking to check if the engine is really hot or mildly hot. Because if it is really hot then it means that the car had gone for a long drive. Then she'd check the interiors if the car has any faintest clue of a feminine fragrance. She'd then check for files -- work done under the same date. Then furthermore, she'd check for any receipts of any restaurant or boutique.

And the suspicions will go on and on and on ...

Therefore, the level of doubt instilled in a journalist during the academic years might be harmful for one's marital relationships or so I think. There can be another perspective to it also, so keep your element of doubt awaken and don't take whatever I have written on face value!

PS. This might be the same for the guys too, but guys are always full of doubts, so why state the obvious? Lol.


  1. ALLAH na keray kisi admi ki kisi journalist aurat se shadi ho :p.
    And I have some serious reservations about your postscript. A journalist shouldn't only be sceptical but also, they should be honest, objective, balanced, fair, unbiased, unprejudiced, and so on. This holier-than-thou attitude doesn't work in practical journalism. Hmph :).

  2. haha! Guys can be full of doubts but it's always the women who are blamed as being such. Not fair, no?

  3. the post needs a lot of explaination...
    but i think "no comment" is sometimes a best comment!!!

  4. @ Fahad
    Phir bhi ker hi dia akhir comment :p?

  5. What think is that the element of doubt is instilled in women even of they are totally uneducated, so men have to be really smart :P

  6. @ Shahab - Thanks!
    @ Amna - Hehe, yeah it's just a humorous way of defining the situation.
    @ Fahad - The blog is self-explanatory :p.
    @ Sarah - Hahaha, I guess both men and women are equally dubious.

  7. What I think is that the element of doubt is instilled in women even if they are totally uneducated, so men have to be really smart :P

    Damn my previous typos :S Horrible. I surely need to polish up my proofreading skills :P

  8. @Sarah - Typo again! It should have been "I surely need to 'build up' my proofreading skills". Hahaha

  9. lol why would one need to go seek other women? One should be happy with whoever he married. She should be his perfect ten. Same goes for women. I can't live under the cloud of suspicion to be honest and u know me for that sidday

  10. @ eddie bhai -- too much of self-proclamation is what you're made up of :p.