Friday, January 7, 2011

What tickles my head.

Hey everyone,

Every now and then, life plays games. Perhaps its God's way of telling you to wake up and smell the coffee. Life keeps you on your toes. It's good in a way actually. Rather than being an unproductive person, lying/sleeping at home all day long, it's better to be tangled in things.

I, on the other hand, am very unproductive these days. I have my viva tomorrow which marks the end of my academics, and I am not working anywhere at the moment. So it doesn't gratify me to sleep all day long, wake up at odd timings, have breakfast when everyone else is done and lag for the remaining day. It's so sad actually.

It sort of instills the feeling of depression in me. Although I don't want to be depressed at all, definitely. A few days back, I wrote a blog entitled 'life hurts'. I am still in the feel of it. Although the incident has happened, everything is said and done, I still feel I should have gone an extra mile to prove what I am. I dislike myself for this actually. I take decisions and later on I regret. In this case, not that I could even do something, but I am still lost. Had I had a motivational cue, I would have surely discussed the matters with him. But I couldn't quite get a chance. Hhhh. Too much vagueness for now.

I have this other thing that is bothering me for long. I have always wanted to live a life of my own. To live free as a bird, to be on my own. Not really isolated and alone, but independent. Such a life has always inspired me. Ever since I was young, I wanted to complete my studies living in some dorm. Sometimes, I want to break free. I wish I could roam around freely.

Anyway, now I have a plan in my mind, I want to achieve this goal. I want to live and work independently before I end up getting married. I wish I could do that actually. I want to work for a good newspaper. Prove my worth as a journo and live and love my life.

There are just too many things that are tickling my mind at the moment. I just want them to fall at the right place and be beneficial for me.


  1. May ALLAH help you achieve your goals. Ameen!

    'Life hurts'. It is rather mediocre and cliched view of life. Life does nothing. It's YOU who are responsible for your actions. Don't have unrealistic expectations of anybody. Most of the people hurt themselves by expecting too much from others

    Even expecting too much from ALLAH is discouraged in Islam. You may have heard or read the Hadis: "Iman umeed aur khauf k darmiyaan hai."

    If there is umeed hi umeed, sooner or later, you are certainly going to hurt yourself.

  2. AOA Miss Sidrah, This is Mohsin Mirza ( President Reform Fraternity). Basically i ve created a social network and an org exclusively for Pakistani's, this network is basically aimed at youth activism. I wanted to inquire if u would be interested in being in the executive team of this project and also contribute on the forums and blogs of our website, if so i ll be very appreciative!

  3. Its hard to draw a line between Umeed and Khauf. =\ .
    Hayay. Sidrah. Moiz. Khan.
    Hostel life ain't that much fun. I'll text you today and tell you about it.

  4. Welcome to the fraternity of unproductive, unemployed independence freaks!
    Hop in.

  5. hey ambitious girl best of luck :)
    I also want to achieve the same goal and working hard!