Monday, November 22, 2010

Aching void and being paranoid.

I have been feeling a bit weird since last night. I woke up in the middle of my sleep and my heart was going bonkers. I dunno what had happened. Something stirred me from inside. No, stir doesn't define the magnitude properly, I guess jolt would do it. Something jolted me from inside. I woke up and felt an enormous amount of butterflies in my stomach. It growled. As if the butterflies were trying to break the wall of my stomach and break free.

There was a flood inside of me. I sat on my bed. Silent crept in my room. The aching void of the room was killing me. It was deafening. I recited lahaul and tried to get back to sleep. When I woke up in the morn, I had a very bad hangover. Fighting against myself, I stepped out of the bed, whining about winters and the pathetic feeling you get just when you get out of the bed.

I proceeded towards the washroom, and kept the water running from the tap for sometime in an attempt to get warm water :p. My attempt was a failure, subdued I surrended to the bitter coldness of the water. I splashed some on my face in order to get accustomed to the eerie feeling of it. I did my wudhu and came out and said prayers.

To my surprise and totally in contradiction to my usual behaviour, I had ironed my clothes already in the night. Therefore, I didn't have to run in my home like crazy. I lazily went to the kitchen, relaxed that my clothes are ironed, started to make breakfast for me. Damn, I realised that I was properly having breakfast after a long long while. Anyway, I put the saucepan on the flame and put some wheat oats and milk and waited for my porridge to become creamy. I like it creamy. And you know, if you put in a pinch of salt, it gives you the perfect taste. Cuz you know, salt is that element which binds all the tastes together.

Anyway, I ate my porridge in silence -- the same aching void. I turned on the TV and started to watch this show 'GEO Ajooba' on GEO news. I think it's a good show. The host is very lifely and all :p.

After having too much of him (for about five minutes) I thought it would be wise of me to get changed. Hence I went to my room and got changed. By the way, I ran out of my favourite purple Rexona deo and I asked my brother to bring a new one. I told him I want a purple one but he bought a white one :(. White one is not that good. The fragrance is slightly manly :p. It doesn't suit me. To overcome the weird fragrance, I sprayed a good amount of my favourite perfume -- Beyond Paradise.

I took out my golden gladiator slippers and wore them. Did some seamless make-up. Well, you wouldn't quite call it a make-up. I just wear kohl and lip balm. Lip balm is good in winters. Keep your lips moisturised and supple.

Anyway, as I came in my office I was fine. But I dunno what got into me, I don't feel all enthusiastic anymore. I dunno why =\. I had biryani for lunch. I shared it with Saima. I had the best piece of chicken, I asked them to put that one :p. It was very spicy and I like spicy biryani. I had a nice, hot cup of coffee.

OK too much ranting. Bye for now :p.

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  1. Aur kuch??? :p
    Joking apart, the blog is worth reading. The way you've delivered your feelings is REALLY REALLY good. Though your feelings weren't. Nice!