Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They used to say, dune bashing is not for me.

Hello people!

Day before yesterday I went to Desert safari with my sister and her husband. I forced them to go and chose desert safari instead of sea cruise. The reason? Well sea is so boring, specially when you're in the middle of it, on a boat and you just look forward to dinner! I mean it's perfectly romantic, but I couldn't be romantic in my sister and her husband's company, lol. So I chose adventure. And my choice paid off.

Initially, my sister was scaring me of how dreadful is the experience of dune bashing. How I will throw up time and again when the land cruiser goes up and down on the dunes. They even handed me some polythene bags so I don't end up with an embarrassing mess in the car! But to their shock and my amuse, I didn't vomit at all! Instead, I was having a lot of fun. I loved how dunes sent tickles through my gut, just the feeling that you get when you're on a ferris wheel or similar rides. It was amazing. And breathtaking too. I would gasp whenever the land cruiser would come to a steep position, scared to trip over. But the driver was trained and a professional. He would go zip-zap-zoom into the sand. Driving the car smoothly over the dunes, like a swan in a lake. Flawless.

So I'd like to tell all those people who think I am boring and not up for adventurous stuff -- lay off! :D


  1. i would have picked the sea.
    And jumped. O yes!
    That would definitely have been more adventurous.

  2. lol you and not adventurous ... kiddin me ?:P

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  4. Lol @ Ali's comment.

    Btw, i am sure you must had a great time :D

  5. great and adventurous experience no doubt! :)