Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming back to life.

Having spent quite sometime in my cocoon, I finally decided to break the slumber and come up with a blog post. Thanks to Ahsan, who repeatedly reminded me of my unproductive attitude. This blog post is mainly going to be about what I am up to these days ...

Alright, so let's start with Natasha's newborn baby, Rayyan Shaikh. Officially the cutest carbon copy of Ahsan bhai(not the Ahsan I mentioned earlier, it's Natasha's husband this time). Anyway, I mostly spend my time these days playing with him and taking care of him. He does silly things which make me laugh my heart out. He would gaze at the roof and keep gazing until his eyes would not allow him to do so! Then when he's hungry, he wants his feed immediately. The funny part is, he doesn't even know how to cry. You know there are babies who are planning to rapture your eardrum every now and then. But this little guy doesn't even know how to properly cry. How cute.

And when you give him the bottle, he would spend the first few seconds, working up his head in order to fish the bottle. And then when he finally has it, he's so desperate to drink it. He wants to finish the milk in one go, literally. But then you have to pull out the bottle to burp him and mostly he'd regurgitate the milk on your shoulder or your back. That's cute too, at times only.

I am in UAE these days, racing from Sharjah to Dubai and Dubai to Sharjah to the residence of two of my sisters respectively. Both my sisters are darling, I must mention here. They take really good care of me. But at times, I get homesick. Then I goto the balcony and stand there for sometime. Still. Grasping the way of life here. People leading there lives as some marathon. Rushing to get something. I don't know what? So busy in their own worlds that they do not really bother what's happening around them. Totally apathetic. Not batting their eyelids. Going straight, like models on the ramp, indifferent to the crowd. I sometimes wonder if I'd be able to find my niche here. If I'd be able to materialize my dream of working here into a reality or not. Would I be able to match to their thresholds?

I guess I wouldn't mind though. Because Karachi -- where I come from, is quite a busy city too. With a lot of hullabaloo going on all the time. But life in Karachi varies. It's like, you can find your own place where you can get time to kneel down, relax, take a deep breath and further go on with your daily routine. Here, I guess, life doesn't give a chance to relax (to those who are working). Life is demanding here.

But there are good things too, like the Mamzar beach and the 'zafrani' tea or the mint chocolate chips ice cream at Baskin Robbins or a walk at Qasbah.

I have been planning to buy a good camera since so many days. A proper DSLR, to mention. I want to capture all these moments in my lens. Life at its best, frozen. You can roll them time and again, without worrying about the uncertainties of life. Who knows what happened to the person later when the picture was taken? The moment itself is lived and stored in the lens. Immortal. It's fun taking pictures.

Anyway, I hope I'd be able to blog regularly after this one. Hopefully everyday! (InshAllah)


  1. Sounds like someone's having fun!
    Also, buy a Nikon. :D

  2. Good to see you again in fact good to read your post again. First of all congratulations for the baby boy. He is very cute mashAllah.
    Secondly, do buy a camera immediately because I wana see Dubai and Sharjah from your lens :)
    Waiting for your next post.
    Take care!

  3. OH God Sid, seems like it has been ages! Congratulations to Tasha and Ahsan bhai. Miss you loads babe, I pray you get what you want, inshaAllah :)

  4. @ Asad -- I am planning to buy a Canon, what do you suggest?
    @ Miss Hanif -- Thanks a lot dear :D! I will surely put some photos soon, inshAllah.
    @ Batooli -- Awww hun, love you!

  5. Oy, you've again started blogging 'lonely lonely, Haha! Anyway, that's good--really good.