Sunday, January 2, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud.

Morning world,

These days I am spending my time by staying up all night long and wait for Fajr. Cuz if I sleep, I won't be able to get up early. So to kill my sleep, I usually watch movies. I usually do comedy, but yesterday, I just felt like watching this movie mentioned on Eddie bhai's blog. And man, whichever movie he recommends, turns out to be a classic. Really. I mean all the movies he tells me don't have to be box office classics, there can be personal classics too. You know what I am saying? I guess you are.

Anyway, this movie was magic, really. I was blown away. First and foremost, the reason which kept me watching the movie till the credits, was Charlie St. Cloud himself. Man he's cute. I am not into blue eyes, but woooo. He looked awesome. Anyway. The movie is about a sailor boy, Charlie, who is great at sailing and all. Personally, I don't like the concept cuz I am prone to sea sickness. I went on this cruise once which nearly made me throw up.

I didn't though.

The guy is awesome when it comes to sailing and gets a sailing scholarship from Stanford (I never knew they do sailing too). He makes a deal with his little brother, Sam St. Cloud, that he'll coach and help him with baseball. I though wondered how many skills he has :p. Anyway.

They go out on a drive when their car is hit by a truck and Sam dies in that accident, whereas Charlie, who almost died, gets a second chance to live. And that was where the story revolved around. There was a purpose why he was still alive. The paramedic who saved him was a follower of St. Jude.

Charlie starts living his life as a caretaker in the same graveyard where Sam was buried. There was a forest behind the graveyard, so every evening, Charlie would hear the canon fire and would run into the woods to meet his dead brother and practice baseball with him. This goes on for five years. Everyone thinks St. Cloud has lost it, but actually, he was driven away by emotions. Of keeping the promise and keeping up the deal with his dead brother. Charlie starts seeing the dead. Well not all of them, but some.

One day, he runs into a girl from his high school -- Tess. Tess was always inspired by Charlie. She envied him. So she saw him in the graveyard when she came to tell him off to keep his father's grave surrounded with flowers. Later on, she sees him at this bar just before she was leaving to sail around the world. She sails into the storm and her ship did not return for three days.

Meanwhile, back at the graveyard, Charlie interacted with her. Cuz obviously he can with people who are dead or are hanging by a thread in front of death, lol. They have dinner, they make out and stuff. Everything goes well. Just when he hears the canon fire and runs to see Sam. Sam was crying, cuz Charlie was late. He told him how lonely he felt when he realised that Charlie is not going to come. Charlie assured him that he'd around and just when he says that, Sam says, "then why'd you bring her with you?" Charlie turns around and finds Tess standing behind him. She asks him to come with her but he refuses and pulls his hand from hers.

Later that evening, Charlie hears a knock at his shed's door. The wife of that paramedic had come to meet Charlie. She hands him a locket with St. Jude engraved on it and she tells him that her dying husband told her to hand it to Charlie and that, that locket will give him the purpose.

And just when he was gazing at the locket, he sees a piece of paper with 'come find me' written on it. Just then he realises that Tess is alive. She's not dead. And he goes off to find her in the Pacific. As the evening breaks, the canon fires yet again and Sam waits for his brother to show up, but obviously he doesn't. Sam leaves for good and becomes a shooting star later on to guide Charlie :p. And lo, he finds her. Hugs her, resuscitates her and brings her back to life. He wakes up in a hospital. After recovering, he sails to Tess's house. He tells her that he's going to sail around the world and that if she would come along.

She refuses and tells him that she fears him. She gets these dreams. These visions of him and her together. Just when she was trying to put her feelings to words, he says a few lines from there 'paranormal' interaction. "Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backwards."

She turns around and he asks, "it's about taking chances. Take a chance Tess". He extends his hand towards her, she grabs it. And after some days (I dunno how long, camera went into fade-in and fade-out :p), they goto sail around the world happily. And that was the end.

Why are you reading further? I said that was THE END!


  1. i am happy that you watched it and more happy that you liked it :P lol

  2. This is first time I'm commenting on your blog without reading it, because I don't like movies. Haha