Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding the 'feel good' element.

Hello everyone,

Life is all about finding that one element which makes it beautiful. Life has different flavours to it -- sweetness, sourness, spice, bitterness -- you either get them in combinations or maybe sometimes you get to savour only one of it. But life is all about living up to the mark and enduring whatever comes in your way. Life is about living. Not giving up.

There are high and low tides. There are times when you feel like you're the king of the world, then there are times you feel you ain't got nothing. Your hands are empty and in front of you, lies a long, never-ending life. When you're happy, life becomes easy to live. but when you're not, it becomes really tough. Feels like it's stuck in your throat and you can't sink it in.

In times like these, it's very important to find the 'feel good' element in your life. Finding the feel good element is similar to finding pearls in shells. You have to explore. At times, you will get disappointment, but with passage of time, you do have enough experience to open only those shells which are sure to give you pearls.

Life is about small things as I always say. It's not about making big achievements. Cuz the end of the day, it's about mundane values. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO or a chairperson of an organization, you want to come back to peace and solitude. Not files and meetings. With all the insane things you do throughout the day, in the end, you want relaxation and relieve, and that can only be found in things that are not superficial. Things that can make you smile, that can ease the crease on your forehead, that can make you take a deep breath of relieve.

So how do you really find the 'feel good' element in your life? Well, it's not a set formula. It's different for everyone. It can vary. For me, it can be a scoop of mint ice-cream in winters, a cup of coffee in my lawn or maybe a pack of jellies. Or maybe the way I like to match my nose studs with the clothes I wear. Or maybe the locked-room self-modelling that I do. I like to click myself and laugh at the stupid poses I make later on. It can even be cleaning your room, talking with your parents, spending time with friends.

No matter how busy you are, take some time out for yourself. Spend some time with yourself. Show yourself some worth. Pamper yourself. Fix yourself a pedicure or a manicure. Take a long bath. Sleep for some more time when you feel like. Take naps. Wear good clothes even at home. And above all, eat carbs without thinking some time. :)

Life's good, only if you want it to be. Try to find those elements that make you happy and do them when you're caught in a low tide. Rise to a happy life.


  1. I need to apply bits of it on myself. Especially the taking out time for myself part!