Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winters, badminton and numb fingers.


Winters are here and one thing that comes to your mind in winters after coffee/soup is badminton. Two days back, me and my friend Madiha went to buy racquets and shuttlecock. After literally fighting with the salesman, we got a discount of Rs. 50 and the pair of racquets cost us Rs. 200 that is a hundred buck for each racquet. Since we fought for concession on racquets, we fought for shuttlecock too :p. We got a Rs. 5 off, which made it Rs. 20 each.

Anyhow. Today, I got free with my exams. Well technically yes, and non technically no. Yes because all the 'tough' exams are over and now only a viva is left. The viva is going to be easy peasy. Or so we expect. The viva course is magazine production, so God knows what our course instructor will ask us! I hope I do good though because I don't have much good terms with the course instructor anymore. May God help me. Yes.

Anyway, our exam finished at 6 pm and we stayed in university till 8 pm. Because we wanted to have loads of fun. Me, Sarah, Samreen and Sumbul went to have food and then later on we went to our favourite spot -- football ground -- and spent our time there. Laughing, chatting, reminiscing.

As I came back home, I got a message from Madiha asking if we have plans to goto board office or not. I confirmed the plan and left to her place to pick her up. To our dismay, but as usual, a political person died in the city which caused upheaval and unrest. Madiha and I landed to my home, had some chit-chat and went into the lawn for the badminton session. We used a water pipe to make a line in between so we both would know who is on which side.

Initially, I was so cold that I couldn't type messages on my phone. I finally decided to quit the idea because my fingers were totally numb. So I thought concentrating on the game would be a better option.

Since we hadn't played for quite a lot of time our arm muscles went crazy. And in half an hour both of us had our muscles pulled. But as they say, nothing can stop sports(wo :p)manship. Not even pulled biceps, lol. We continued to play like crazy. More than seven times, our shuttlecock went outside the house and we had to find it in dark. After our zealous display of affection towards the game, we were joined by my brother Ali and his friend Ahsan. Both of them gave us that 'puppy dog look'. You know, when you want something, you act all innocent so the other person gets emotional and give it to you :p.

So it happened to us. We handed over the racquets to them. But lo and behold! Destruction started to pave its way in our game! Since they are tall and obvious strong (all boys are, comparatively to girls), they spoiled the whole thing. They served the shuttle so back that it started to lose its feathers. Well naturally, what else do you expect from a Rs. 25 shuttle, but I guess me and my friend were gentle enough. Soon enough, Ahsan's racquet got tangled with the electricity wire coming from the main pole outside, and as he pulled the racquet, the wire bended and literally hung over his head! I was so cross, but I cursed him in my heart.

It was all going fine when suddenly, he served with so much energy that the shuttlecock went outside. Never to be found. God knows where it went. We are still praying you do too, please :p. After sometime, I asked Ali to take a break so that I can play with Ahsan. And suddenly, I saw what can make anyone's hair stand on the arm. I saw the racquet detaching from its base and coming towards me. I didn't get enough time to react in my defense and the racquet hit me on my arm. Thank God, I was wearing a cardigan, which acted as my line of defense :p.

I was sooooo cross this time. Seriously. But I continued to play. Yes, the sports(wo)manship. Lol. We started around 12 am and ended up at 3:20 am. Gosh. We played like mad. Actually it was me who did. I played with everyone. Madiha, Ahsan and Ali. And finally, with one shuttlecock lost, the other one wrecked and one racquet broken, we finally decided to end the game.

But it was so much fun. So much, really. I loved it. I always love playing badminton. It's my sport. Makes me happy. And tomorrow, we begin again! Yes sirrrr!