Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday blues.

Morning fellas!
It's a boring Monday morning and I am sitting in my office. And I am still yawning. Lol. I generally despise Mondays but lately I was able to cope up with this problem. But now, AGAIN, I am caught with this trouble. Mondays aren't really bad but you know there's this 'psychological' thing with your mind that keeps telling you that on Mondays you're more sleepy, more lethargic and definitely more unproductive.

Anyway. I ran out of my Nescafe' gold jar, and I bought another one ^_^ ! I am so happy. I just love this blend. It's stronger than the classic one and it's more creamier. I guess. Or so I feel :p.

And and and, the news for today is, my nephew Shayan (Read: Shayawwwnnn) is gonna come! I am more than excited to see him : ). (MashAllah :p). I am gonna buy doughnuts for him on my way back. He simple loves doughnuts : ).


OK, I am off to some work now.


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