Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pedicure and the bloodshed.

OK in my previous blog, I had told you that I skipped my dinner. Now the reason is -- I couldn't really eat. Because I had a bleeding pinkie. Ouch. Let me tell you how it happened ...

It was when I was doing my father's pedicure. His heels were REALLY scaly, hence I had to use a callous remover. So like, I put a new blade in the callous remover and I told my father to be VERY careful. Cuz he's such a baby :p. Like he thought I am tickling his feet when I was scrubbing. And he was really scared when I was trimming his toenails. He thought I'd pick on his flesh. Lol. Gosh. Anyway.

So I told him, papa steady. Don't move, OK? He said it's an involuntary action and I am not responsible for my feet reacting like that. I surrendered. I tried to cope up with his jerking feet. But since this blade thing is very dicey and you need to be really careful, I was trying to be slow and easy.

Then suddenly papa jerked his foot so baaaaddddd that the callous remover bumped with my fingers and the blade penetrated so deep that I had very SERIOUS cuts. And obviously the blood wouldn't stop. I created a mountain of tissues in an attempt to clot my wound, but all in vain.

Anyway. Papa was crimson in embarrassment and believe me, it hurt me more than the blade. Cuz honestly, I never wanted him to feel bad. I mean he didn't do anything. The actions were literally unintentional.

Anyway. I dabbed a generous amount of polyfax and covered it with my Disney band aid. It is not bleeding anymore, but it hurts. Haaye!

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