Friday, November 26, 2010

V for Vendetta. Maybe.

Morningah sathiyon,

Don't you just hate it when someone is like bursting at the seams and have so much of pride that they cannot contain it in themselves? Every morning, I am the first one to be picked by the van. And the third person is that make-up girl. We actually had good talking-terms but lately, after that incident, things have become a bit hard to handle on both the ends.

We used to talk a lot to each other as the van would reach the office, but since last 2 days, we can only manage to say salaam to each other. That is where we stand now, where we can not stand each other (wah kya line hai). Anyway, so today she entered the van. Saima was not in the van today, so it was just me and her. She sat in the van and said salaam to me which sounded more like a murmur. I ignored, smiled, and replied.

As the van continued its journey towards the office, both of us sat estranged to each other -- looking outside our windows. She didn't bother saying anything and for obvious reasons, I did the same. I realised in my heart how people change with situations. How their perspectives can change too. And (why stating the obvious?) their behaviours.

I thought how long would it continue. Is this a start of a vendetta? I mean, we will pull faces at each other, sitting opposite to each other and won't talk, wouldn't bother filling the log book for each other and won't do other small favours that we used to extend to each other. Sad situation, I felt. But obviously, if she’s showing me attitude after what happened, then I am definitely not the person to initiate talking to her. Although, I don’t mind such things, but this time, I do have my reservations!

Anyway, a good thing to add after all the whining is that my sister gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Muhammad Ibrahim (mashAllah). Although, I can never quite understand the features of a new born baby, but he looked beautiful. Yes. He didn’t have a wrinkled skin or rashes or pimple-like things =\. He was pretty : ). I took loads of pictures yesterday. My sister was also looking good. She didn’t have a swollen nose, or pigmented skin or that weary look that usually women have after giving birth.

MashAllah, both the child and the mother looked beautiful. Muneeb bhai (the father), kept walking in the corridor until the doctor came outside and said in a filmy way, “Mubarik ho, aapko beta hua hai” :p. The gynaecologist proclaimed that this is my couple of the year. Maybe she was not making it up, but I dunno why I felt that it was the “lie” of the year. HAHA!

Anyway, I need to get down to business. Time to do some work. Will upload my nephew’s pictures soon, inshAllah.


  1. Abay ye kya Star Plus chal raha hai??? :p
    Kher, BOHT BOHT mubarak to your sister and her hubby, and to your father, and mother, and your siblings, and all your relatives, and most importantly to Muhammad Ibrahim :p. (Ibrahim bhai, baqi to sub theek hai per ye apki choti khalaaa...) Hahaha!

  2. hahahahaha aww soo sweetttt!!! :D:D
    its like I was watching a star plus dukhi episode:p:p all i was missing sound effectttsss:p
    newyas congratezz!! khala :) ur sis, bro in law ur family dhare sare congrates :)

  3. Cant wait to see the pics. I am sure the child must be as beautiful as Saher baji and Muneeb Bhai. And why do you think the doctor would lie about declaring them her 'couple of the year'. They are mashAllah so good together' made for each other.