Friday, November 19, 2010

The hangover, Eid and job.

Morning people,

Before I hit my sack at around 3:30 am in the morn, I set an alarm for 8:40 am, so at least I would get a 5-hour sleep. But my dreams were shattered midway when my driver arrived at 8:00 am in the morning. I didn't hear the doorbell and everyone else was asleep too. After five to ten minutes, he gave me a call on my phone and I woke up with a mixed emotion of shock and dismay. I hated to wake up an hour before!

I kept sitting on the bed for 2 minutes to regain my senses. Then I hopped off my bed and hurried towards the closet and took out the clothes, put them on the bed and scurried to the washroom. I washed my face in a very brutal manner, brushed my teeth rigourously and ran outside while picking up the clothes from my bed and headed straight to the iron stand.

I almost burnt my hands twice and burnt my clothes thrice. Thank God none of it happened :p. I hurried back to my room, got changed, dabbed my sunblock, took out my shoes, picked my bag and hurried outside. Just when I was about to step out, I realized that I have forgotten my wallet, so I ran inside the home again, straight to my room and picked up my wallet.

I finally stepped out of home and sat in the car with a very bad face. I pulled faces at the driver from time to time. I was really hungry. I felt my stomach making noises. I calmed my senses by telling myself that I will pick something on my way to the office. But sadly enough, I was the only girl in the van and the rest were all men. I felt a bit hesitated to ask the driver to stop somewhere. Hence, I just kept silent and let the car reach the office.

I overheard the driver when he was telling the admin person that he is going out. I capitalized on the opportunity and asked him to bring some nashta for me. Now I am waiting for my nashta and blogging.

I think I should start working on the report I have to make today.

So, bye for now!

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