Monday, November 29, 2010

Wisdom speaks and knowledge listens.

Hey everyone,

I feel nostalgic today. I feel like turning the pages of history and looking back in time. I cried so bad last night because it was my second last day of the four years I spent in University of Karachi. It's like there was a rundown of lost and found in my mind. I feel so damn emotional. Seriously!

Of all the people I'd miss Sir Humair and Sir Fahim will be on top of the list actually. Cuz I cannot just forget them this easily. I consider them as my mentors. They taught me a lot.

Yesterday, as I was driving through university, my eyes were misty. Because I felt like it's all going to end very soon and I won't be able to roam around in university again. Obviously like I can come in anytime and roam around but not as a formal student. Which makes my heart sink :(.

Prem gali, football ground, ISPA, pharmacy, relaxy juice spot, food science. OMG. There is so much that I am leaving behind :(. My soul, my memories, my friends. Cuz naturally when you graduate you don't quite stay in touch that much. I feel so low at the moment :(.


  1. awww don't be sad dear! its part of life. Move on girl!! I know this will also happen with me one day :( but not now :). Now a days I am saying farewell to my seniors. Off course I'll miss them but again part of life.

  2. cmon.. MASTERS.... main admission lo.. and ur in again...