Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid and job are not made for each other.

It's 8:30 pm and I got home just 35 minutes ago. It's Eid-al-Adha in Pakistan and I was on job today. And mind you, mine is not a desk job. I am a reporter by profession hence I have to go on shoots too. And since it is Eid today I had to go and cover the waste management done today.

It was so hot today, despite the fact that winters have (sort of) started. Hence I busted my complexion even more. My hands are the darkest shade of brown now and to my dismay my left hand is comparatively fairer than my right one. I hate that. Cuz then both my hands look different and that's very embarrassing if somebody takes a notice of it :p.

Anyway, today me and my colleague Saima had loads of fun. We had decided earlier that we will wear something gaudy. Although her definition of the word differs from mine, lol. Her dress was gaudier than mine. Too flamboyant. Whilst mine was colourful, but not that jazzy.

The other day, I mentioned 'Pakistani' men. I feel like talking about it today. Basically the term 'Pakistani men' does not refer to some men, or people in general. It is a kefiyat -- a state. Even I can represent the herd sometimes by exhibiting some traits :p. Not all Pakistani men are Pakistani men but majority of them are :p. I hope you get my point?

Anyway, let's get down to business. I feel the urge to yell about it everyday but then I tell myself that I am OK and whining about this issue is so last season. But every day some or one Pakistani brother does something so awful that I just started hating them again. Like today, when we were out for shooting the dumped innards of sacrificial animals, I stepped out of the car for coverage.

Suddenly, I felt all eyes are on me. No, not that I am a star or something and not even because I was holding a mic. It was merely because I was a girl and I am no less than amusing for the people around. And trust me on this, I sometimes wish that I were a guy. I so wish that man!

I felt so bad because every passerby either hooted or gave me a head-to-toe look. And no I wasn't dressed immodestly. I was, as a matter of fact, covered up properly. Which is the notion why I am angrier. Anyway, my (much too caring) colleague, Azfar bhai kept telling me to wrap up soon because he, like me, was exasperated by the crowd around. And he wasn't feeling that for him, but he was concerned about me. And he doesn't come in Pakistani men :p. He's just a man. Haha.

Anyway, for those who might think that I am into sweeping generalizations, believe me I am not. There are men in my life that I am very much inspired by. Like Sir Humair, Sir Fahim, Muhammed Ali Nasser, my father. Hmmm. That's it I guess :p. And then there are men in my life that I appreciate, like and am friends with. But then there are friends of mine that sometimes break into the Pakistani men fit and then I part ways with them.

OK the blog's too long I guess. I hope I was clear on the concept. I finished my noodles meanwhile and asked my brother to put the mango juice in the freezer for me. And I just love Google Chrome because it has this spell check thingy that saves me from any faux pas that I might commit.

So long people.

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