Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We were and definitely are two different nations!

Don't we always rant about how good a decision it was to part ways with India? We always cried that our religion, culture, rituals, tradition, language, yadda yadda yadda differs from Indians. Or I should better call them Hindus. Anyway, the point of content always remained the same. We differed. Yes we did. Actually, we still do.

Of all the things mentioned above, we differ in approach. I always envied Indians (don't hate me for this). But I have always loved the way they portray themselves -- So positively, so glamorously. And buy it or not, India knows how to rule the business. Really.

Yesterday, in our Advanced Reporting sessions, we were talking about the Top 100 most valuable global brands. I was both surprised and disappointed to find out that two Indian brands have paved way to this list. And this list is not your conventional everyday list. It contains the most powerful brands from across the globe.

ICICI bank has made it to the top 100 most valuable global brands whereas Infosys, an outsourcing company based in India has been ranked 18 on the Technology list. Awestriking, isn't it?

We sprouted from the same seed, blossomed at the same time, but why is it that India succeeded to bloom whereas we only learnt to wilt? I felt very bad when I got to know this because as discussed in our class, in Pakistan, individuals make names, whereas in India, brands make names.

When an individual gets fame, seldom people behind it are given the limelight. The credit goes to the person on the forefront. Rest is ignored. It's a one man show. But when a brand or an organization makes name, then the team or the people behind it are also given their due credit and share. Hence, it is more fruitful for an organization or a brand to grow than an individual.

I guess that is what shows us the bigger picture of both the economies. India's economy is growing faster than Pakistan and definitely expanding more.

We should take this as a lesson for future and start working on sectors rathers than sections and pay heed to the bigger picture.

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  1. Baat achi ki hai per KAFEEEE allama giri walay andaz mein. Aisay to sir ne bhi nahi kaha tha. Hahah, LOL. Anyway, good.