Sunday, November 14, 2010

The silent weeps of an unprofessional employee.

Note: I always thought I will start blogging seriously, but I never got the chance and the motivation to do so. Today I just feel like I need to vent. Hence I am writing this blog.

Hello folks,

I woke up today and opened my closet to a set of new clothes and picked and chose the one I liked the best. I selected a scarf to go with it and started to iron my clothes. I'd like to mention here that I work for a TV channel based in Karachi that airs in most areas of Pakistan. I was getting ready to go to work and was waiting for my office driver. While ironing my clothes, I gave a call to my driver, cuz it was comparatively late today and he was not here. Anyway so I was calling him ... *beep beep* .... *beep beep* -- No answer! I redialed ... *beep beep* ... *beep beep* -- Duh, no answer again?!

What the hell is he upto? Why isn't he picking up :(? I thought maybe his phone's battery is dead and he'll come anytime by now. So I started to get ready. I wore my perfect purple dress, with a complementing scarf, 2 rings - one cocktail ring with a purple gem and a complementing silver one, I wore my best silver bracelet with my oh-so-pretty pearl watch. And guess what, I took my purple shoes out and wore them. Like I was totally ready with even my shoes on.

And whoa. My collegue, Saima, called in and said the driver's saying that we don't have to pick you up? That's what Sir Yasir has told him to do! I couldn't understand at first :/. Then I thought maybe it's because I already took an informed day-off hence he's angry or something and doesn't want me to be in the office anymore?!

My mind started to churn totally-out-of-context-crazy-thoughts. Am I silently fired? Or what is it? Is he angry? Doesn't he want me to show up in the office today?

I started to call Saima again and asked her to give the phone to the driver. The driver (as expected) started to misbehave. *We will talk about Pakistani men later*. Now I was really cross. I didn't mean to, but yes, I started to shout at him. I mean seriously, I was ready and waiting for the driver to listen to me, to understand my urge to come to the office, to empathize the feeling I had -- I started to weep silently. I hung up on him.

I sat on my bed quietly and stared blankly at the translucent window. The dawn had broken and sunshine started to pour in my room. It was a Sunday early morning. Yes. A Sunday early morning when employees world over are lost in their slumber lands. When no one wishes to move an inch away from their beds, I was awaken. Crying like a child who missed her school bus.

I changed to my black and pink hearts pjs and my XXL shirt with a football drawn on it. I was sitting on my bed again. This time, I stared at the wall clock. Tick-tock-tick-tock. I wanted to get to my office. But I couldn't. Cuz that lame driver wouldn't pick me up! A part of blame goes to me as well cuz I forgot to tell anyone that they have to pick me on Sunday : (. My uninformed absences were a problem, but I never had thought that without informing you cannot show up in office. I guess it's good for a punishment anyway : (.

I shrugged and tried to divert my mind elsewhere. I came out of my room. The home (as on any Sunday would be) was silent and dark. The windows and doors were shut. I fished the light switch in the dark after several attempts of tapping the wall with my seeking palm. I turned the lights on. I saw mithu sitting in the dark. I felt for the poor bird. I turned on the fan for it (though I feel like calling it, 'him'). Anyway.

I moved towards kitchen and fetched myself a bread and cheese spread. I took out a mango juice and filled a glass full. I gulped it down my gut in one breath. Then I took the bread and spread cheese over it. Just when I started to have fun with how smoothly the cheese spreads with a butter knife, my father came in the kitchen looking my way, confused.

"I think I have started to like your schedule. You sleep early even on Saturday nights and get up early on Sunday morns. Wow." I dunno whatever he said was sarcastic or literal. I smiled anyway. I told him my driver has become psychotic and it will take him another few years to develop his brains.

He smirked and left. Anyway, I was back to enjoying myself with the cheese spread. When I finally had enough of fun, I put the bread and cheese spread back in the fridge and started to eat. I finished in no time, of course. Cuz I skipped dinner yesterday (If you want to know why, you'll have to read my next blog).

I think I am pretty much OK now. And not feeling bad about it anymore. I guess I will clean my closet and my room today. And maybe clean the washroom too. But that only depends on my mood.

I love my pink mouse that I bought lately. It's purttyyyyy-full.


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