Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crows are lazy, lazy birds.

Yellow everyone!

My van driver has this awful habit of picking me up before he picks anyone else. So I have to sit in the van until it is filled with differently smelling people. Some smell of chalk. Some smell of a mixed smell of dust and soap. Some people smell as if broccoli is jarred for a week and then someone opens the lid :p. Some smell of black cat talcum powder :p. And so on and on and on ...

Anyway. As we were standing outside an employee's home, I saw a flock of crows on the road. One funny thing that I observed was that whenever a car would come, rather than flapping wings and flying, the crows would only jump on the road and only fly when the car is about to crush them. I just wondered why these birds are so lazy. They don't do anything until bad time comes.

Ironically, isn't that what we humans do too? Like we just keep trying the smaller things and procrastinate until things get worse and then we really have to struggle. It's all easy peasy otherwise. We take things and life on the whole very lightly. We never care about future. We never foresee our tomorrow and thus we never prepare for the bad times coming.

We always leave the work for tomorrow. Like those crows. Deeming the car wouldn't crush them, they just keep jumping around the car until they see death staring in their eyes. That's so like us, isn't it? Think!

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  1. I like the way you compared humans' behaviour with crows'. Awesome! ;)