Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And that brings the curtain down.


Finally the last day of university. I dunno how it is so impossible for me to sink in. I just dunno how to react to this. I have mixed emotions. Dismay and glee. I wish I was able to comprehend my own feelings and somehow word them. But I cannot. My mind is clogged with memories from past.

I feel like that child who cries a lot to get a toy, then when she gets it she loses interest. And finally when it's taken away, she starts to cry for it all over again. It feels just yesterday that I was enrolled in the University of Karachi :(. How come four years slipped away from my hands? It all happened so fast that now when I look back, it seems as if I enjoyed nothing at all. My university life has come to an end. EVERYTHING has come to an end. The walks, the juice, Sir Humair's sessions. Everything.

I don't have anything to look up to now. I mean what's left? Just my job? No fun?! Tsk. What do I do :(. I woke up today and realised I don't have to go to university today. That's the freakiest thing I can imagine :(.

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