Monday, December 20, 2010

And then I woke up.


I am a person who doesn't get to dream a lot. By that I meant literal dreams. But whenever I do, they keep haunting me till the end of the day. The dreams that I get are usually very disturbing in nature. For example, I'd mostly see burglars breaking in my home or I'd see someone snatching my mobile. I also see traces from my past. People that have gone from my life. I see their faces. I see myself interacting with them.

It somewhat leaves me numb when I wake up. I get weird feelings about the dreams I get. Because they just pull me out of my deep slumber. I lay soundless for hours, gazing at the roof, until sleep overcomes me again. In my dreams, to my surprise, there is never anything positive to mention. People say dreams come true but totally opposite to how we see them. Like people say, if we see someone dying in the dream, it actually means that that person will have a long life.

God knows how much truth do these notions hold but I guess I end up buying them in order to gratify myself. It's good for a jhooti tassalli. I don't share my dreams with anyone though. If I am rather too disturbed, I'd probably share it with my mother. I feel a bit light then. But my mother doesn't. Cuz mothers are mothers after all! She always tells me to keep my room clean (in case I am bugged by some supernatural being). I laugh it off. I keep telling her I am not pretty enough that a jinn would fall in love with me.

Hhhh, anyway. You know, such dreams are rare though, cuz dreaming as a matter of fact is a rarity for me. But they leave me disturbed. I hate waking up whenever I see such a dream. Cuz when I do, despite the fact that my eyes are burning, I cannot go back to sleep. I have to stay up till slumber creeps on me.

Also, my mother keeps telling me that you watch that hideous cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog, that is why you get such odd dreams. Ummm, well maybe her speculations hold some substance. But I don't think I am obsessed to it to a level that it can alter my dream patterns. I recite La Haul and wait so that I can sleep.

I wish sometimes, that if dreaming for me is so rare, I wouldn't have ever gotten dreams. Cuz they leave me disturbed, it's better if I don't get them anyway!


  1. More than 99 per cent of our dreams are rubbish.

  2. OmG I totally inspired this post. All the dream talk that day. It got you thinking. And then you blogged about it.