Friday, December 3, 2010

'A bag full of hungry squirrels' defines my class fellows.

OK exceptions are everywhere, but honestly speaking, my class fellows are a herd of mad elephants running with ants in their noses! Or nothing less than that at least. Cuz seriously, I am so mad today. I feel sad too. And bad also. All the people are mad. No common sense, and no remorse over not having it!

Lately, what just happened, is a prime example of stupidity. Duh. After all the legwork done, all the runs and all the 'jugarrs' applied, the eventual outcome was a dinner in the department? Come on! I guess I have vented enough and I needn't waste my time on people who are not definitely worth the effort.

Today was my exam. Creative journalism. Wasn't as creative throughout the semester though. The sessions I attended were just cries and rants. Nothing on the learning side. Which is why I avoided attending the sessions. In my believe, Sir Humair was THE only consistent teacher who taught us properly and whatever he spoke made sense and had substance. The rest was just like piling on more bullshit and shoveling it in students' faces!

I am so cross at the moment. Lol. Hhhh. Relaxxxx Sidrahhhh. Easyyyyyy.

The exam went well but I dunno what was wrong today with our course instructor. She was alright when she used to take the class. Today, surprisingly, she was exasperated. Irritated. And angry too. She was not in the right mood perhaps. I did my exam I ran towards the office to take print outs to be put in my portfolio. I ran back to the class to submit it to her, but she had already bound all the assignments together with a jute rope sort of a thing (as observed generally in KU).

Just as I was trying to somewhat put it in the tied pile, she started to tell me off. "What sort of people you are. I mean really. This is the height of it. Kuch gher pe nae sikhaya gaya kya? (Aren't you taught anything at home?)

Duh. No ma'am, you weren't there at my home so I couldn't really understand which bird's name is 'ethics'. (Lol what a literal translation :p.)

For a good thing, I am going with my sister and cousin to watch a movie. Will have nachos. Haaye nachos :(. I crave them like anything right now. The show's timings are odd though. 11 pm to 1 pm. But whatever it is, I am sure we will have fun.


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  1. Madam did exactly the same to me as she did with you :p. She was REALLY REALLY incomprehensible, unintelligible, inexplicable, irrational, unnatural and cosmetic at that time. Haha.
    Though your comments about our class are justified but I'm happy cos you yourselt are candid about that 'exceptions are everywhere' :p. Thanks yous!