Saturday, December 11, 2010

A bug of sanitation.

Hello people,

Mothers are a very vital component of a home, nay? Well at least, my mother is! It's like the whole world stops when she's not around. Lately, when she was off to my sister's home for nearly 4 days, everything seemed somber things couldn't seem to work out somehow. Piled up dishes, dirty home, unwashed clothes, no food. Hhhh. It is so difficult to spend life without ammi!

But as they say, difficult time is a great teacher. It teaches you a lot of things. Even teaches a lazy being as me, some sense of responsibility. And I can proudly declare that in the absence of ammi, I managed to keep the home clean very effectively. I'd keep the kitchen gleaming, the floors smelling great (thanks to dettol multipurpose cleaner with rose fragrance :p) and did all other chores too. Yes, including sweeping and mopping.

And believe me, it's not all difficult once you get on the work. It's actually fun to work. And an unorganized girl like me can also discover the bug of sanitation inside. I never realised how much joy does a clean, shining kitchen can give. How much good you feel when you watch TV in a neat and tidy lounge. It's good, really.

And even now when ammi has come, I insist to do the dishes and clean the kitchen at least. I like tidying up things there. Cleaning the stove, doing the dishes, and rose-smelling slabs are so satisfying :p. Really. I don't care about my moisturised hands. I forget that I recently trimmed my cuticle or did manicure or how lemon max can destroy the suppleness of my hands. I stand proudly after cleaning the whole kitchen and utterly enjoy the compliments I get from ammi and papa.

And yes, every other lazy, unorganised girl can have a bug of sanitation in herself. It's just about discovering, regardless of the reason of discovery :).


  1. The whole episode proves, at least, one thing for sure—the epithet ‘gharelu’ (homely) now becomes Sidrah Moiz Khan.
    Jeeti raho! :)
    (NOTE: Chaurha honay ki nahi ho rahi):P

  2. Congratulations :)
    well I am also an unorganized sloppy girl but who cares when big sis and mum is at home ;p but when mum isn't home or sis outside I manage all the things and yup u r right its fun! I just love the praises from mum and dad :)

  3. That's really sweet. On the contrary, I'm a pretty organized girl :-( I think it's got something to do with me being the eldest. I'm not a big fan of being organized though, but I foresee that my future family (husband & kids) would appreciate it. Lol.

  4. @ Shahab and Miss Hanif -- Thanks : ).
    @ Amna -- Hehe, yes obviously. Men want superwoman as their wives who can juggle home, husband, kids and work together.