Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being right and walking on the wrong track.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was a busy busy day, even today. Which left me with no energy to blog. Anyway, I am back with a bang now. Well not quite so. Cuz I've been disturbed about something. I attended two mehndis yesterday. One was of my phuppo's son and the gathering was limited to only close family members. First blood relations. Anyway. The mehndi number two was of my father's college friend's son. It was grand. Like Grand with a capital G :p.

The arrangement and everything was rather extravagant. Probably they spent around 2.5 lacs to arrange all those stuff -- dance floor, disco lights, extremely pretty looking floral stage and the grand grand tent (I wouldn't want to call it a tent, it didn't look like one). The fabric was so beautiful. Off-white, flowy. There were mirrors around the place. The dinner had a wide variety. I only ate desserts though because I couldn't help but fill my gut with the chocolate mousse pastries and coffee. Lol.

Anyway. So, everything was wonderful. The atmosphere, aura -- everything. Just one thing got me disturbed. I was like whoa. What the hell. It was when they announced the audience to settle down because the dances were going to begin. All of a sudden, two hijaabis started to dance on Sheela ki jawani (yes, that lame song that I have discussed about earlier). I was taken aback. Like seriously. Not that I am being narrow-minded or something, I just feel like dancing in public is NOT for hijaabis. I dunno why. (And by that, I am not advocating dancing the non-hijaabis dance in public).

Actually, maybe, I know why. It's because, if girls decide not to show their hair and body parts to namehram, it should be a no-no for them to dance in front of so many of them. And the number wasn't even sober seriously. They were wearing these black hats incorporated with white shirts and black ties (over what they were actually wearing). And then they started dancing. Bleh. I felt those chocolate mousse pastries burning in my gut, lol. Seriously.

I didn't like the idea of dancing hijaabis. They just don't belong. Hhhh. Just when I was being sour on this, the music changed and other girls started to dance. Meanwhile, these hijaabis were getting ready for their next move. The music started again, this time it was an Arabic tune and these hijaabis had those tinkling belts around their waists for belly dancing. Sweet mother of nature, BELLY DANCING?!

I am against the so very concept of such awkward dance routines in mehndis. And hijaabis just added to my rage. I couldn't digest it honestly. The biggest reason being that I am also a hijaabi. I cannot see girls who do hijaab bringing such filth to the concept. Seriously. Again they started to dance on 'zor ka jhatkka haaye zoron se laga' and this time, it was a duo. They were booty-to-booty with guys. This just stirred this eerie feeling of anger/contempt/embarrassment/sadness in me.

I still cannot properly put my feelings into words. But the bottom line remains that if a girl starts to dress decently or decides to take hijaab, it becomes a responsibility for her to carry it out in such a way that she inspires people. Not confuse them obviously. Because they themselves looked confused. Bring right and walking on the wrong track. May Allah help us better understand the concepts and philosophies Islam has to offer.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a self-proclaimed best example of a hijaabi, I also have a lot of faults in me. These are my views, you might as though differ.



  1. apka bill aa raha hai kya ?:P Its their life, Their choices. :P

  2. I will try to pretend that you just didn't say that :p. And it's my blog. Meri marzi jo likhoon :p.

  3. hahah pretend ?:P matlab you can't take arguments against urs ?:P lol ...

  4. Haha. Nae. I can but I don't like to :p.

  5. 'Dancing hijaabis'. A very good example of oxymoron.

  6. While it IS their life, that still doesn't change the fact that they're being hypocritical. By donning the hijab, they are proclaiming to belong to a certain mindset. Not labelling them fundo-pro-Taliban or anything, just that when they wear the hijab they're telling the world that they're modest people and do not want to draw attention to themselves. And then when they dance they do exactly the opposite.

  7. Thank you so much for commenting Asad! Welcome to my blog : ).

    Now for your comment, yes exactly, I too don't think by wearing hijaab you associate yourself with a certain mindset. It is but stating the obvious that hijaabis dancing is something that cannot go hand in hand.