Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gender bias. Everywhere!


As said earlier in my blogs, I am not at all a great fan of 'mardana' mentality. I am strictly against male chauvinism. I dunno why men think there's a parity between the two genders. Men, women are different from you, but it doesn't make them weaker or inferior to you. They are just different. Please understand!

Today, me and my sister along with a friend of mine went to The Forum mall in Clifton. We couldn't find any parking in the facade, hence we had we had to park in the streets. So there was this parking which we found after roaming in the streets for long in search of parking. Just as I parked the car and pulled the hand break, a 15 year old Afgani boy came and said, "Yehan nah park kero!" (Don't park here!). I was taken aback. I tried to understand his revolt against me parking at that particular place.

I asked in return, "Kya hua?" (what happened?) To my perplexity, he couldn't come up with any good reason. I told him "Main toh yahin park keroongi, tumhain kya masla hai?"(I am gonna park here only, what's wrong with you?).

As expected, he pulled angry faces at me. I ignored and asked my fellows to keep walking and ignore him. After a long and tiring episode of shopping, we came back to our car, with the front tyres punctured. Yes. Read again. The front tyres punctured! I was so cross at what had happened, because the only suspect was that Afgani boy. I felt so bad. Because this is what you get as an outcome of not listening to a man (at least mostly, exceptions are there).

I dunno when this mentality is going to end and when men will understand the difference between being different and being inferior?


  1. He would have done the same thing to whoever parked there man or woman. You just happen to be a women parking there. I am very much against the chauvinistic nature of men but i don't see any thing here that relates to that. I can understand your anger and frustration at what the boy did and he obviously did something bad yet male chauvinism? nah don't think so

  2. Sad. That's because what happened to you was his frustration/envy/jealously over the fact that you owned a car and his inferiority complex crept in because of the gap between haves and have nots. On top of that, he wanted to teach you a lesson since he couldn't indulge in a verbal argument with a woman, whatsoever might the reason be for which he stopped you from parking your car.
    So it was a mixture of ego and envy/jealousy.

  3. @ eddie bhai -- well, that might be a point too actually, but to be honest, people coming from really conservative environments cannot tackle to see women outside their houses/sheds. They hate it and can go to any extent to encounter it.

    @ Sarah -- Yeah you are right, but mostly men become full of rage when women do not listen to them.

  4. Talking about gender bias, as you know there are many cafes which don't allow boys to enter after 7 pm (families only). I wanna ask them, how come the people showing up there as couples (non mahram couples) can be considered as family, where are their parents, why are a bunch of girls considered to be family while boys are not. Either this is discrimination against all males or this is just promoting the haram dating culture. I mean for God's sake, why would someone go to a place like Espresso and then cause trouble. The troublemakers already have a lot of freedom to go to park towers or forum or arena or a lot of other places. P.S. I still haven't been able to go to port grand because I don't have a family (girl friend).