Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 'us'ness.

Since we're having the last few days of our university, me and my groupies try our best to make most of the time we have in our hands. Today was out community development exam. For the first time in my university I cheated. And obviously I was not alone, my partners in crime, Sarah, Sumbul and Samreen did the same :p. There was this question about the case study of 'Khush haal Pakistan'. It carried ten marks. But the clauses of that case study were MAD! So this other class fellow of ours, Hira Malik, took pictures of the handout with all the clauses snapped, and transferred it to our phones.

During the exam, all of us had either our cellphones or handouts put on our lap. The exam went pathetic of course, but the adventure of cheating in exam is definitely incomparable to anything else! After getting through with the exam, all four of us -- Sarah, me, Sam and Sumbul -- went to Sufi dhaaba. We ordered nehari and aloo palak. Both of them -- as expected -- were awesome! We asked the waiter for garebi (refill). We ordered an extra roti and everyone had a quarter of it.

After our dinner we had doodh patti(tea) and went off to wander in the university. We spoke and laugh at the peak of our lungs and decided to goto this juice shop for soup. We had chicken and corn soup with French fries. The soup was excellent. All four of us became emotional all of a sudden wondering this all would end soon as we have only four more exams to do away with.

After our soup session we all bid goodbyes to each other. University days are no more gonna be there. I am sure going to enjoy all this. Never am I going to forget these times cuz surely, these four years were the best years if my life!


  1. These are the golden sweetest memories. I haven't cheated in exams but its fun adventure to do. It seems your "S SMARTIES GROUP" is full of colors now my mouth is watering yum yum :)
    Enjoy life!

  2. And in between the doodhpatti and the soup, something happened which was way better :P

  3. @ Miss Hanif -- Thanks :).
    @ Sarah -- Oye chuo oye :p.
    @ Shahab-- Jo kehta hai woh khudi hota hai.
    @ Fahad -- Haha, yes.

  4. Hey you mentioned my 'karnama' with my name! :D That was the very first time I did something silly enough, and really enjoyed it! :P

  5. Haha, I believe in giving people their due credit :p.