Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zubaida aapa is the new Faraz.


SMS frenzy has caught everyone like the first wave of flu in winters. One always observes new trends in the messages that are forwarded (read: bombarded) in abundance to your mobile. Every time, a new character or issue is introduced and then your mobile phone is full of such messages. 'Kisne kaha tha pepsi pe paanch rupay kam kerdo?' was the most repeated SMS this Ramadan. Other than that, Zardari, Sherry Rehman and other political personalities have always been a target.

One character that wasn't that famous a person as a poet, became extremely famous when SMS from his name were floated. Yes, I am talking about none other than Faraz. Faraz SMS won everyone's heart. And, to confess, I also became a fan. These SMS were funny, witty and totally out of the blue. I loved them.

My life was going happy when the TV personality I despised the most (with due respect) -- Zubaida aapa -- became the new face of forwarded SMS. And God, people screwed her totally :p. Like really. Zubaida aapa k economic totkay, cute totkay, charseelay totkay and God knows what's gonna happen next. Whenever I wake up, I at least have 3-4 Zubaida aapa messages. She's totally on everywhere.

I really liked one of the Zubaida aapa SMS, that said: "Agar aapke bache k payt mein keeray hojayen toh uske pamper mein biscuit rakhdein, jese hi keera biscuit khanay aaye usay pakarr lein". HAHAHA. I mean for Heaven's sake. Who can think of such stuff man?! These bizarre jokes make you laugh. One has to confess! And I don't mind if my phone is full of Zubaida aapa's messages. It at least brings a smile on my face. Thank you SMS spammers!


  1. don't try it with the baby you have in your house these days :P

  2. :D but now a days a new text is circulating "Don't make fun of Zubiada apaa. How you'l feel if someone make fun of your mum? and at the end of text its mentioned "Zubaida apaa key betey ke appeal or beti ke appeal."
    well I just love to introduce new sms in the market, forwarding sms is my hobby and I am a big fan of Zubaida aapa's totkay!! :)

  3. Faraz must say thanks to Zubaida Aapa :).