Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not quite the 'chirchirri' sorts.

Morning people,

It's comparatively a good day today. Maybe. Well I am preoccupied with a tension, but what just happened with me in the van is supposed to be mentioned in good words. Anyway. That 'anchor' person that I spoke about earlier is not as bitchy as I deemed her to be. Today, when the van picked me up, we drove towards her house to pick her up.

She sat with a smile this time. She was down-to-Earth. Kind. Talking. I felt a change. I smiled back, I spoke kind words too, complimented her. Actually promised her that I will tell my friends about her Facebook page. Good for a start, nay?

I felt sorry in my heart that I thought wrong things about her. I mistook her gestures. Misjudged her.

But to make up for that, I talked to her. According to her, she hates people who talk in 'Hinglish', drink black coffee and smoke. I don't do smoking but surely do the other two. She said it can be tolerated. I was thankful :p.

Life for me these days, is a bit harsh and a bit nice. Just when I realise that things are not going my way, something or the other happens in my favour. On the brink of my university's last days and in the process of losing friends and finding new ones, I realise relationships are temporary in today's world. They don't hold as much substance as they used to back in old times. Which is why we see a growth in divorce rates. Sad isn't it? How people end up things so quickly? And how things come to an end. But a wise friend of mine said that this is the beauty of life. This is how the cycle of life goes on. We cannot change it and we are no one to change it.

My newborn bhanja is in ICU. May Allah give him health and may he recovers soon, amen. Loads of tensions these days. But alhamdulillah, summa alhamdulillah, I am content.


  1. I was impressed too when this wise friend told us that the beauty of things lies in the fact that they have to end one day, otherwise, life would have become monotonous. As for friends, it depends on oneself if they choose to retain the bond of friendship. For instance, you and Madiha are friends since school. My friend Rabia and I are best friends since class 1 and we have remained committed to our relationship. So it depends from person to person.

  2. God bless your Bhanja :)

  3. May ALLAH help Ibrahim to recover soon. Ameen