Sunday, December 19, 2010

The ‘me’ness.

Hello people,

Today, I am going to blog about things that I like or like to do. Be patient and enjoy Smile(Smile with tongue out)

- I like to sit on the swing and take it really high so that I can stain the wall with my shoes.

- I like to drink coffee even when it’s summertime.

- I like my rubber-ish mobile cover and all the stickers on it.

- I like Knorr chili garlic sauce. I can even eat it just like that. Without anything else.

- I like popcorns.

- When I am having off-days, I like to lie on the sofa and yawn all day long.

- I like to clean my room once in a while.

- I like to collect stuff that I absolutely wouldn’t need.

- I like shoes.

- I like watches.

- I like to dip Gluco biscuit in tea.

- I like to send SMS.

- I like to laugh about things that have happened when I remember them.

- I like this mithayi. I dunno what is the real name of it. I like calling it ‘shakar wala pairra’.

- I like to collect pink things. My room is full of pink stuff.

- I like black too. And silver and gold.

- I like cooking.

- I like thinking about making different desserts.

- I like the sea.

- I like chocolates but only a few. I am selective. I like mint chocolates, orange chocolates, hazelnut chocolates and snickers-like chocolates.

- I like this chocolate-orange cake at Gelato Affair.

- I like to travel alone.

- I like rains.

- I like corns.

- I like my family.

- I like to dip French fries in chicken corn soup and eat it.

- I like those white sugary biscuits. I dunno what you call them, but I like them a lot.

- I like to watch cartoons.

- I like to ummm. OK that’s it.

The end.


  1. i thinks from u universal set "U"
    its like Compliment i.e "U - like"
    its life!!!


  2. My apologies, I don't quite understand your point.

  3. I like chocolate mints too. But I don't like snickers. Blekh.