Saturday, December 11, 2010

A relationship is bits and pieces.

Hello fellas,

People say, relationship has to go through big challenges. It has to undergo phases of love, growth and understandability. It calls for big things -- big sacrifices, big patience, big tolerance and big mercy. I beg to differ. I think a best relationship is made up of bits and pieces. Of small things. Of things which leave a soothing impact on your memory. Which comforts you in your times of dismay. One doesn't necessarily have to owe huge compromises in order to proves the depth of one's love.

Love is about connecting with each other. And seriously, I don't believe in the notion 'feeling the unsaid'. One needs to say everything one has in one's heart. One shouldn't leave things for the other to feel. Some things can be felt like warmth, love and emotions. But few other things are actually meant for telling and connecting with your soulmate.

I am a girl who believes in savouring little treats of life. Like a smile shared when you two are stuck in traffic, just to ease the creases on one's forehead. The appreciative nod when you say something in front of a bunch of people and you know he admires you for what you've said and has respect for you in his heart. When everyone is trying to tease him and mock him, you defend him. You go and thrash everyone, shielding him.

These small things are like a salt of relationship. Without these small things, relationship feels tasteless. Like something is missing. Like you have not ended up with your soulmate. Because you fail to connect.

Connecting matters I believe. Telling small little details to one another makes a relationship stronger and long lasting.


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  2. Relationship HAS to go through big challenges--huge sometimes. But you are also very right when you say '[the] best relationship is made up of bits and pieces'. To me, truth is an amalgam of what you say and what, according to you, people say. These are the little sacrifices you make that assure if you are ready for the big ones.

  3. Agree with you. A person should express his or her feelings. Most of the people don't understand the language of emotions or feelings.

  4. So if u are stuck in a traffic jam and the chicora guy next to ur car shares a smile with you :P how about that hahaha

  5. HAHA! @ eddie bhai - Hogiya chichorpan start :p?