Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not really subtle.

Morning everyone,

Life is always in the wake of finding and losing people. It's just like the cycle of life. Some people have to go to leave room for others to come. But some people are there for good. They stick to you. Like elfy ka payedaar jorr :p.

Eddie bhai, like many such people, is one who holds a fixed place in my life. We don't talk much anymore, but whenever we do, it's like a beginning of a new chapter. It's like, when I am going through old pictures or thinking about old times, I come across his memories which suddenly roll back the wheel of time and I stand right in front of him, smiling. It's such a lovely feeling you know. When someone can do that.

Although, in such a fast paced life, one often forgets the people around and really, it's very hard to keep up with people and that is why you just stop talking to them. And thanks to eddie bhai, he provides me with that comfort that actually relaxes me for a time and I know in my heart that OK even if I am not able to get time out for him, when I get back to him we are sure to talk! And that is what literally happens.

At times, it's like months pass by and then a text from either side can come saying hello and that is it. We're more easy with each other now actually. We've grown well with time. And his presence in my life is not as subtle as you might think. He's there. Like a backup memory when my hard disk might crash. LOL. Thanks Eddie bhai :p.


  1. I feel like saluting Eddie bhai :-). In these times of egocentrism and selfishness; when everyone leads a hectic life; when the people you’d met before are not even able to give you the weakest sense of déjà vu when you meet them again—if anyone remembers you for a so long time then, I feel, it’s something really exceptional. Great!

  2. oh hey sid. lol. That is really sweet of u. :) Yes i agree we have this sort of unsaid bond that makes us feel secure about each other's presence even when we are sometimes not in touch I hope it stays the same throughout our lives :)...God Bless..